About CPSI

The Caribbean Progress Studies Institute (CPSI), founded by Executive Director Rasheed Griffith, is a think tank that researches non-standard approaches to policy in the Caribbean to promote dynamism and progress. The Caribbean region can potentially be a global leader in innovation and prosperity. Still, it needs to adopt new and unconventional approaches to policy to achieve its full potential.

CPSI's research focuses on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Economic Growth Acceleration

  • Dollarization

  • Fiscal Conservatismm

  • Industrial Policy for Small Open Economies

  • Limited Government

  • Caribbean Citizenship-by-Investment Programs

We work with a network of academics, policymakers, and business leaders to develop and promote new policy ideas to help the Caribbean region achieve its goals. We also produce a variety of research outputs, including reports, articles, and podcasts, to share our findings with a broader audience.

CPSI is committed to promoting a more dynamic and progressive Caribbean region. By thinking outside the box and challenging conventional wisdom, we can help the region achieve its full potential.

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Exploring how to reignite dynamism and promote progress in the Caribbean. Published by the Caribbean Progress Studies Institute (CPSI).


Exploring how to reignite dynamism and progress in the Caribbean.
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CPSI Board of Directors. Former Governor, Central Bank of Barbados.
Writer and researcher. Editor, Reboot. Founding intern emeritus, Chaoyang Trap.